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MAISON LAGET – Cold Mist Essential Oil Diffuser (electric)


Efficient, safe and robust!

A German motor with the glass diffuser blown by mouth in France. Are you really sure you want to diffuse your essential oils from plastic containers?




Time to fully benefit from the therapeutic virtues of diffused essential oils. Okay, this diffuser is no work of art… but it is extremely efficient which is exactly what we were looking for!

The cold diffusion of essential oils is a natural source of well-being and most certainly the safest way to benefit from their therapeutic properties.

This electric essential oil diffuser disperses cold fragrant mist into ambient air to regenerate and purify your living rooms whilst ridding them rid of their harmful germs and ensuring that you are able to fully benefit from the properties specific to each essential oil resulting in an immediate well-being with no side effects.

This electric diffuser is particularly indicated for therapeutic use, especially for children and sick, debilitated persons. It is a unique piece of artisanal Pyrex glassware mouth-blown by a French glass craftsman.

It is easy to clean using 90 ° alcohol, or why not, with hybrid Lavender essential oil!

This device is equipped with a variable speed regulator, operates with very little noise and is particularly suited to large spaces. 

Use & Special precautions

Pour the essential oils into the glassware device using the funnel placed on the side and up to a maximum level of 1.5 to 2 cm. Replace the cork. 

Do not stick your face over the device when in function.

Although it is designed to work continuously it is best used briefly and frequently (10-15 min per hour) for best results. Do not leave it on at night. Do not operate in close proximity to children.


Operates at  220 V .

Dimensions: H 23 cm / L 13 cm.

Identification & packaging

Certified to CE standards

1 year warranty (excludes the glassware) 

Delivered with instructions for use.

Spare or replacement glassware may be ordered separately.

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