MAISON LAGET, artisan plant experts since 1946

The family business was started by Francis Laget...

His studies in Law & History are certainly not a common background for a trader in ‘Drugs & Spices’. He nevertheless chose to make it his craft and leveraging family relations he entered the oldest herbalist manufactory of Marseilles in 1946 (the Planchon Brothers, created under Napoleon III).

Indeed it was customary for the trade in ‘Drugs & Spices’ (meaning the natural substances used in the preparation of drugs) to be practised only by apprentices who were trained on the job, as with all traditional crafts.

In 1969 he uprooted his family of 7 children and followed the Ducros company to Buis les Baronnies where he was directly involved in the creation of the famous blend of Provençal herbs known today as ‘Herbes de Provence’.

... was built and nurtured by Bernard Laget...

Heir to the family know-how and steadfastly committed to herbal medicine (or herbalism), Bernard Laget was a pioneer and his burning desire to share his passion widely led him to process the first mail orders.

Bernard Laget started out at age 16 as a gatherer of medicinal and aromatic wild plants such as thyme, cypress balls, common centaury and lavender which were destined to pharmaceutical laboratories and to the preparation of drugs.

It is through the practise of distillation according to traditional processes that he moves from gathering to creating essential oils and is able to acquire and understand the true alchemies of aromatherapy.

... and lives on through this generation as MAISON LAGET.

It is therefore as heirs and custodians of ancient plants and artisan craftsmanship as well as keepers of potions and grimoires that we invite you to share our passion for the secret universe of unique flavours and fragrances of Provence, the cradle of aromatic and medicinal plants.

Here, in the heart of the Provençal scrublands, we dedicate all of our skills and energy on a day-to-day basis to bring you the full and often less well-known benefits of nature and invite you to a convivial and genuine lifestyle centred on quality and authenticity.

Here, in the heart of the Provençal scrublands and at MAISON LAGET, every day is a normal day, a day like any other, but most of all a day in which everything is exactly the way it should be.

Some of us are distillers, other formulators, and some are simple gatherers… yet all have one goal: to provide you with nature’s quintessence.

Our workshops are imbued with this ideal and steeped in thyme, rosemary, lavender and the host of other fragrances that you would expect to experience if you were to take a late afternoon stroll in Provence.

Our day-to-day life is one of passion, communion with nature, cheerfulness and enthusiasm that we are delighted to share with you as you discover the best our region has to offer.


Enjoy singular, authentic and healthy compositions that blend enjoyment and well-being with a certain art de vivre.

Our herbal cosmetics are organic ECOCERT certified and our essential oils are E.O.B.B.D. certified 100% pure and natural, obtained using a slow steam distillation process. 


Drawing on our expertise in medicinal plants and their properties we have created natural therapeutic gels and care creams for health-conscious people.

Our exclusive formulas are 100% natural blends of herbs and essential oils which are elaborated in France by our specialized laboratory.


Discover our carefully selected, flavourful herbs and blends for infusion.

We adhere to strict and traditional herbal medicine practices concerning the certified origins of our plants, from organic farms that practice regenerative agriculture to harvesters and gatherers that are respectful of the land whilst they tread ancient and forgotten paths….

Your complete satisfaction is our primary concern, whilst our personal credo is that your well-being can be increased as we share our knowledge on the properties and benefits of plants with you.

We do not compromise on quality and will continue to explore, search and develop the best products we can for you day after day.

Harmony and synergy are necessary for plants to deliver their full benefits.

Aromatically yours,


Made in Provence

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