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Maison Laget relies on the premise that plants are sufficient in and of themselves in delivering their full range of benefits. As a consequence we favour simple formulations based exclusively on plants and have banished all additives  derived from petrochemicals. We are one of the rare brands that offer hydrosols with such a high plant content by volume and no preservatives !
We rely on traditional manufacturing methods at each and every step of our processes , from the drying of plant materials, distillation and blending of the ingredients, to cold-glazing for our perfumes, in order to achieve the highest quality possible.
Our essential oils are E.O.B.B.D. certified (Essential Oils Botanically and Biologically Defined).
We always tell you:
1/ The exact botanical species (Latin name),
2/ The plant parts used (leaves, flowers, roots, etc.),
3/ The biochemical specificity known as chemotype (the dominant molecules) which can vary greatly according to the time and place of harvest and is determined in a laboratory by gas chromatography.
The above criteria are essential as they determine the properties of an essential oil and as a consequence the uses you can make of it. On the other hand, we have opted for a traditional slow steam distillation extraction system using a first cold pressed mechanical process in order to guarantee optimal quality . The plant releases  a higher quantity of molecules as compared to ‘standard’ oils,  which is the reason for our oils’ exceptional molecular and aromatic saturation.
Francis Laget is a recognized botanist  with a substantial corpus of writings that bear witness to his expertise. Bernard, his son, soon joins the adventure, initially working from the garage of the family home. Already passionate about essential oils, he begins to practice the harvesting of wild plants and his first distillations. Soon the contagion is irreversible and his passion multiplied!
A first store opens in the town of Buis les Baronnies  and very quickly a second in Vaison La Romaine.
Soon after the first ‘organic’ natural cosmetics are created, even though the ‘organic’ name and label do not yet exist! 
The company then experiences a short interim period with little to no growth, up until 2014. The advent of a new generation embodied by Laurent puts the company firmly back on track. He does so by reorienting the company’s focus, once again placing wild Provençal harvests and the respect for ancestral know-how at the top of our hierarchy of values. Authenticity, common sense and expertise stemming from the observation of daily life and of the cycle of the seasons are reinstated as guiding principles.
Laurent also regains the trust of the local producers, harvesters and distillers who had been supporting Maison Laget for several decades. Armed with his bill hook, his sickle and his staff , Laurent’s daily life revolves around harvesting and distilling the incredible abundance of the Provencal scrublands, as evidenced by our videos on social networks. 
To date, Maison Laget represents 200 extremely high quality phytotherapy, aromatherapy and cosmetic products, all of them respectful of nature, of the men and women who produce them and of our well-being.
This is a story about the transmission of ancestral know-how throughout time and the transference of beauty rituals from generation to generation.

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