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Over the years, due to its expertise, Maison Laget has been able to establish and preserve partnerships with local producers and harvesters who rigorously select only the best plants available. These plants may be harvested in the wild or may be the result of organic farming.  

Organic products constitute the majority of the references in our catalogue. They are certified organic and are subject to strict controls.

Our main certification partner is ECOCERT* , an organic certfication and inspection body established in France in 1991. With activities in over 80 countries it has become one of the largest organic certification organizations in the world and one of the best known labels in the field of standardization regarding natural cosmetics.

Their  ‘AB organic farming’ label covers food products intended for human consumption (essential oils , plants used for infusion and culinary preparations)

ECOCERT also certifies our cosmetic products with the ‘ECOCERT Organic Cosmetics’ and ‘ECOCERT Cosmos Organic’ labels. 

A number of other products are certified by ‘NATURE ET PROGRÈS’  an association of consumers, farmer-producers and artisans founded in 1964, and the associative certification and inspection body CERTIPAQ.

All of our products are subject to strict identification and labeling that meet the standards set by these organizations.

Slowl but surely we are having all of our products certified!

*ECOCERT standard available at

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