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Maison Laget has been passionate about plants and their faculties for decades, mindful of ancestral methods and respectful of the values of those who cultivate them. Our strong desire to preserve their benefits and properties is motivated by our aspiration to pass them on to our loyal customers and ensure their well-being. 

We are delighted when, oftentimes,  the first customers who frequented the historical shop where Bernard Laget worked, share with us fond memories of their exchanges and his precious advice. One cannot help but wonder…could this be the the secret of their longevity?

Fast forward a few years and it is their daughters and granddaughters reminiscing about the scent of Lavender in the family home and the sweet memories and nostalgia of their holidays in Provence. 

Nowadays, we receive online orders from all over France and often even from beyond our borders. This is both Maison Laget’s pride and ambition, that these simple and authentic products that were able to cross the ages may now also be found travelling down family lines such that, when treated with care, they continue to preserve the treasures offered by the Provencal scrublands for posterity. 

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