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Natural Wild LYNDEN Hydrolate - For mature skins

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Softening anti-ageing treatment for mature skin but suitable for all skin types.

Softening emollient renowned for its action on wrinkles and spots. Lightens and brightens skin complexion. Its moisturizing properties make it a very popular make-up remover lotion for all skin types.

Linden is commonly used to soothe the nerves, relieve nervous tension, palpitations and itching due to its antispasmodic and sedative properties.

This floral water is an exceptional product made from wild-harvested Linden.




A hydrolate is a floral water resulting from the distillation of essential oils.

It contains trace molecules of essential oils, the low concentration of which increases its serviceability. Wildly varying product qualities are available on the market today and in most cases the concentration is not specified due to extremely low content. Our hydrolates have been selected for maximum concentration and are distilled from wild and/or organic plants chiefly grown in France. In order to ensure an exceptional concentration we process on average 1 Kg of fresh plant matter to obtain 1 Lt of hydrolate.

Use & Special precautions

There are varied applications for this product that can be used daily, seasonally or every once and a while as it strikes your fancy. Hydrolates are generally used:

- In tonic lotions, at any time of the day; after removing make-up or a facial mask, spray the hydrolate on your face and let it absorb into your skin for a few moments. You can then apply your usual facial treatment.

- In spray mists, to soothe your skin; a soothing and relaxing mist that is ideal during the summer, on the beach or elsewhere.

- In body lotions; a real luxury after bathing or showering.

- In hair sprays; promotes shiny, healthy hair in post shampoo application..

- In aftershave lotions; hydrolates are highly valued because of their astringent, antiseptic and healing properties as well as for the subtlety of their perfume (lavender, verbena or chamomile hydrolates).

Ingested orally (organic quality); 1 tsp per cup of hot water 3 times a day, before or after meals, or 1 tablespoon in a litre of water to drink throughout of the day. A 200 ml bottle is sufficient for a 20 day cycle.

Floral waters are highly sought after for their therapeutic benefits and their high-energy value. Unlike essential oils, hydrosols do not contain any caustic or corrosive elements and are therefore well tolerated and particularly appreciated by people who may be especially sensitive or fragile.

For more detailed information on the virtues and uses of floral waters for health and beauty, please refer to the reference book on the subject written by Lydia Bosson (Amyris Editions).


100% LINDEN Hydrolate (FRANCE)

Tillia Officinalis

Steam-distilled flowering tops

Identification & Packaging

100% of ingredients are of natural origin.

Produced according to the 'Nature & Progrès' charter and specifications, associative organic farming and solidarity since 1964.


200 ml amber PET cosmetic spray bottle 

Environmentally friendly recyclable packaging.


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