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SUBLIM'AROME® 100% natural GARLIC food flavouring

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GARLIC is a recognized "superfood" (antiseptic properties, blood thinning, beneficial to digestion, rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, contains an antibiotic molecule called Allicin).

Why not try it for it for yourself? Cooking is a breeze with Sublim'Arome® GARLIC!

An indispensable ingredient in tomato sauces, rabbit or lamb, veal liver, gratins or mushrooms and delicious in salads and thousands of other recipes.




SUBLIM'AROME®: What is it?

SUBLIM'AROME® is a ready-for-use culinary preparation based on essential oils with no additives, no artificial flavours and no preservatives.

SUBLIM'AROME®: Why is it a game changer?

Fragile aromatic plants often wither and deteriorate very quickly, losing their flavour and properties.

What could be better than always having them at hand with their flavour and freshness intact?

Success is guaranteed!

Use & Precautions for use

SUBLIM'AROME® is extremely easy to use.

Simply shake the bottle and add a few drops (after cooking or to cold preparations).

That’s it!


100% organic virgin Sunflower oil (France)

Essential GARLIC oil (France)


Identification & Packaging

Glass flask with pipette dropper.

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