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Organic HERBES DE PROVENCE (cotton pouch)


The strong, wild flavours of Provençal scrublands that will add a dash of sunshine to your dishes.




A blend of thyme, rosemary, oregano, savoury and basil

Plant parts: leaves

Origin: Provence, FRANCE

Discover and enjoy the essential flavours of our region. 

Use & Special precautions

Mainly used on grilled meats, but also for marinades, stews, fish and certain vegetable dishes.

Warning: plants are not drugs and should not be considered as such. Any indications given here and in our general documentation are given for information purposes only. This information is a synthesis of our readings and research drawn from research performed by healthcare  professionals and is not exhaustive. In no case is it intended to replace professional medical advice in the establishment of a diagnosis or in the assessment of the severity of a pathology. In no case does it constitute medical advice or engage our liability in the event of any accident or injury. 


A blend of Provençal thyme, rosemary, oregano, savoury and basil

Part used: Leaves

Origin: France / Provence


100 g pouch (striped cotton)

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