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Organic ‘Les Baronnies’ Wild LINDEN Tea Bags ( x 20 organic infusion sachets)

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From the heart of its region of production, a neuroregulatory infusion that promotes the onset of sleep.




From the heart of its region of production, a neuro-regulator that promotes the onset of sleep.

The Linden tree is a sacred tree full of symbols, stories and legends. Its flowers in full bloom emanate incredibly sweet fragrances. The gathering process in ‘Buis-les-Baronnies’ is an artisan craft and family practice where for nearly 200 years the same gestures have been repeated identically, preserved and passed down from generation to generation. Two centuries of traditions for a region and a village that is considered today as the world capital of Linden...

A subtle blend of refined flowery notes that are discreetly sweet, our Linden has an inimitable flavour that will delight even the most delicate palates.

Organic Provençal Linden, and even more so the Linden of ‘Les Baronnies Provençales’, is distinguished by its broad bract (a small leaf-like structure usually found underlying another plant structure ) which is carefully selected amongst the best specimens. 

Cut and packed to order, this is a product of exceptional quality and freshness.  


3 minutes in boiling water are sufficient to release the aromatic agents but you can also boil for longer if you prefer a stronger infusion.


Warning: plants are not drugs and should not be considered as such. Any indications given here and in our general documentation are given for information purposes only. This information is a synthesis of our readings and research drawn from research performed by healthcare  professionals and is not exhaustive. In no case is it intended to replace professional medical advice in the establishment of a diagnosis or in the assessment of the severity of a pathology. In no case does it constitute medical advice or engage our liability in the event of any accident or injury. 



Tilia platyphyllos

Plant parts: flowers

Origin: Baronnies Provençales, FRANCE

Identification & Packaging


Organic Agriculture certification FR-BIO-01. 

Kraft cardboard box containing (x 20) 100% natural organic tea bags without adhesives, nylon or other synthetic materials. 

100% biodegradable environmentally friendly recyclable packaging. 

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