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Oléoriginel® - Organic CARROT vegetable oil macerate

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This macerate owes its colour and remarkable benefits to the presence of beta carotene, an important precursor to vitamin A and a real source of beauty for your skin.

It stimulates the production of melanin to protect the epidermis and results in a nice golden tan. To accentuate its tanning properties, apply regularly over several days before exposure to the sun.

Perfect for softening and regenerating care after exposure.

Warning: does not replace the use of anti-UV protective care adapted to your type of skin.

Macerate obtained by a traditional extraction system using a first cold pressed mechanical process.




Rich in nutrients, essential fatty acids (EFA’s), vitamins and other substances essential to the elasticity, firmness and renewal of skin tissues, our vegetable oils & macerates all have protective, soothing, nourishing and regenerative properties.

They also each have their own specificities related to their particular composition. 

They have extensive applications in cosmetics, in beauty products or as carrier oils for the dilution of essential oils which they perfectly complement.

Our organic vegetable oils and macerates are 100% pure, unrefined and GMO free and have been obtained by cold pressing. They are certified as organic cosmetics and are ECOCERT compliant. 

We have branded them Oleoriginel® ...

Use & Special Precautions

Naturally sweet, non-abrasive, they contain no artificial scents and are packed with all the active ingredients and subtle scents of the plants, seeds or fruits from which they are derived.

Our vegetable oils all have protective, soothing, nourishing and regenerative properties. They are a wonderful elixir of beauty and care for your face, body, nails or hair.

Vegetable oils are generally applied topically as a care cream, preferably in the evening for a deeper prolonged action, though they can be applied at any time and as often as you want over longer time-frames.

Vegetable oils are highly recommended for hair care, at night before shampooing, or on the hair tips afterwards.

Vegetable oils work to strengthen the nails. They soften the cuticles (skin surrounding the nail) and in the process will also nourish irritated, dry or chapped hands. 

All of our vegetable oils are certified and sold as organic cosmetics. You can use them as often as you wish for the care of your face, body, nails and hair; they can also be used for massages and to dilute essential oils. 

For more detailed information on the properties and uses of vegetable oils for your health and beauty, you can refer to the reference book on the subject: Vegetable oils - Oils for health and beauty (Latest edition) - C. et L. Clergeaud


Helianthus annuus seed oil*, Daucus carota sativa root extract, Simmondsia chinensis seed oil, Rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract

* organic farming ingredients

100% natural, pure, organic vegetable oil obtained by the maceration of carrot roots in organic virgin Sunflower oil. Obtained by a first cold pressing mechanical process. Unrefined. Non-GMO.

Oxidation potential: high 

Store in a cool place, away from air and light; the addition of vitamin E is recommended. (Add four to six drops to your 50ml bottle)

Identification & Packaging

100% of ingredients are of natural origin.

100% of ingredients are from organic farming.

ECOCERT Greenlife compliant ecological and organic cosmetics. 

Certification standards are available on


50 ml frosted glass bottle.

Environmentally-friendly packaging.


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